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Ron Noordhoek

Yachtmaster Ocean

The experienced hand to help you out

50+ years sailing experience

55.000+ Nm

multiple Atlantic crossings

Fully certified

What I can do for you

Offshore Sailing

no more land in sight …
the sun is setting …
relying on your instruments and an accurate log keeping

Crossing the Channel

where to cross … are you visible by radar reflector; is your AIS working? keeping track of your course and speed and the vessels in the shipping lane

Keep Calm

the weather is changing …
the wind is picking up …
if you think of reefing, just put in a reef

Passage Planning

what to take on board, how long will it take, how many people will accompany you? choosing the best route, fastest, most comfortable …

Watch System

getting enough sleep
having confidence in your crew
solo watch or two on deck at all times


you want to spend your holidays over there, but you boat is over here, taking her over there would take half your holidays

Just ask …

You’re hesitant, you question yourself, that’s all very likely when you don’t have the experience. You’re not the only one! Ask someone who does have the experience to accompany you. Just to sail with you, not to take over! Create your own experience, push your limits and most of all ENJOY

Is my boat seaworthy (enough)?
Is my crew seaworthy (enough)?
Am I seaworthy (enough)?

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