Boat electrics

Everything you always wanted to know about marine electrics, but were afraid to ask…

I came across a review off this this online course on FB that intrigued me. It was written by a highly qualified, professional marine electrician. He very modestly admitted that, despite his qualifications and vast experience, he was impressed and also learned some valuable things.

I singed up and he was right! This is the best course ever I did so far.

I’m a professional sailor and as such know a thing or two about boat electrics. But this course showed me there’s a lot more to learn, even about the basics.

The course content has been developed in a joint effort with the most renowned experts on boat electrics from both sides of the Atlantic: Nigel Calder and Michael Herrmann and is presented by Jan Athenstädt.

I’d very much like to recommend this course to every sailor or boater, even if you usually get an ‘expert’ to do your jobs. You’d be surprised to learn that even a wrong placed washer in changing a fuse, might cause serious damage and even a fire. Not many ‘experts’ are aware of that either.

Anyway, I’d really help to spread the word: go and sign up! go to It’s worth the money and you’d probably earn it back in one season!