fulling twin headsails

Sailing downwind furling twin headsails?

I’m not gonna go into the advantages of one or the other sail plan. There’s enough on the internet already.

When I crossed the ocean westbound, going downwind, at first I flew a spinnaker. It’s fun but harder to sail then twin headsails.

When I blew my spinnaker, actually both of them, I hoisted a second genoa. I must say, twin headsails sails way more comfortable.

The problem was though, that I used my spinaker halyard for this second genoa and therefore couldn’t furl them in anymore. I didn’t like that too much for the night so every evening I dropped the second genoa.

However, I came across a video of Dolphin Sails, showing how you could rig a second genoa AND furl them both whenever you feel the need.

I for sure will try that next time and I very much like to share this video.